Uganda Kids Project wants to bring hope and life transformation to impoverished families and communities through Biblical discipleship, assistance programs, and education; empowering them to lead healthy and productive lives in Christ Jesus our Lord.  They desire to see healing come to WHOLE families as each member comes to saving faith in Christ. They know that the testimony of a family that has been RESCUED, RESTORED and REGENERATED will be beacon of hope in their community, leading many others to Christ. Whether your sponsorship is for ONE CHILD or ONE FAMILY, you are making an eternal impact.

We invite you to join us in financial and prayerful support of those who are serving in the mission



About the James Family


Pastor Bill James is serving as the director and overseer of Uganda Kids Project and pastors Calvary Chapel Ishunga. He directs the UKP staff, volunteers, field-missionaries and visiting teams on the ground in Uganda. Pastor Bill also serves as the president of Agents for Christ and works with the AFC team in the US. He and his family have been living as full-time missionaries in Uganda since January 2012.





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