People in material poverty face more than just the stresses of what they don’t have. They are also caught in life controlling addictions, isolated and lonely, exploited and abused and feel that they have no value and worth. They are often purposeless and hopeless. The Hub: urban ministries exists to walk those in poverty through a process that gives them hope, friendship, community, a place they belong and the skills needed to become self-sufficient by giving them access to rescue, relationships, resources and recovery.

The Hub does this through two primary ministries: The Lovewell Center and Purchased: Not for Sale.

Through these ministries we serve those in poverty and homelessness,  women and children trapped in the sex industry and victims of human trafficking.

The Lovewell Center and Purchased: Not for Sale use a model of ministry that empowers participants through the incentive of earning the resources they need.

Those that we serve are the heroes, fighting against insurmountable odds to see their lives truly changed.